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Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

The Platinum Hunt 2


Das ist das offizielle Logo

Noch bis zum 31. August läuft der sehr schöne "The Platinum Hunt 2". Daran beteiligen sich in diesem Jahr 102 Geschäfte.

In jedem dieser Geschäfte ist eine kleine Schachtel versteckt. Darin befindet sich ein Artikel, der über 300 L$ wert ist. Wenn Du die Schachtel findest, kannst Du sie für 10 L$ kaufen.

Unten habe ich eine Liste abgedruckt. Darin kannst Du sehen, welche Geschäfte sich an dem Hunt beteiligen. Klicke einfach auf den Namen des Geschäftes, um die LM zu erhalten. Weiterhin erhältst Du immer den originalen, englischen Hinweis, wo die Schachtel versteckt ist.

Auf dieser Internetseite kannst Du nachschauen, was in den Schachteln liegt: SeraphimSL

So sehen die Schachteln aus.

#86 Baiastice (links)

#93 A&A Fashion (rechts)

#84 Nyte 'N' Day (links)

#98 Glam Affair (Skin) (rechts)

#46 Elikatira (Haar in 4 Farben) (rechts)


#13 Lara Hurley Skins

# 8 Zaara (Ohrringe)

#15 Indyra Originals (Hut)


# 78 Filthy Skin Cleav

# 12 ::Exile::

# 99 SIGMA Jewels


# 78 Filthy Skin

# 85 LoQ Hair

# 99 SIGMA Jewels

#86 Izzie´s

#75 INDI Designs

Hier nun die SLURL Liste für den Platinum Hunt 2

1 Di’s Opera
THE HINT: Feed the birds

2 Peqe
THE HINT: One sheep, two sheep, one giraffe, one elephant.

3 Tableau Vivant
THE HINT: … and the the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful platinum swan…. errr nope, still black!

4 Grixdale
THE HINT: All good things must come to an end

5 ISON (2 Items)
THE HINT: Travel broadens the mind.
THE HINT: Follow the rainbow to find one’s true colors.

THE HINT: Read the news lately?

7 Royal Blue
THE HINT: Out of the trenches and onto the prize

8 { ZAARA }
THE HINT: Sits on a golden throne

9 No.07
THE HINT: Skin deep

10 Kunglers
THE HINT: I’m wet still dry

11 Alienbear’s Design
THE HINT: Go down the avenue

12 Exlie
THE HINT: Hidden in plain sight

13 Lara Hurley Skins
THE HINT: Laura might tell you, if you ask nicely.

THE HINT: Roses are Red Violets are Blue

15 Indyra Originals
THE HINT: Have a seat.

16 [ABODE]
THE HINT: In real life you are more apt to find this on a candyshelf saving your breath one piece at a time.

17 Verve
THE HINT: Meet Tania in the middle

18 tulip.
THE HINT: Back to school

19 KittyCats
THE HINT: Behind the lobby is your lucky fortune

20 Goth1c0
THE HINT: Look up but dont get distracted with the white noise

21 .synt.
THE HINT: I’m not for breakfast, but don’t sweep me under the rug.

THE HINT: It’s a hairy situation, but you’ll do fine.

23 * RezIpsa Loc *
THE HINT: Check on the port side

24 Nardcotix
THE HINT: Curl up by the fire and read for awhile its the grooviest thing its the perfect dream

25 Eels & Eluw
THE HINT: It’s only number 25, surely you haven’t tired

26 Acid & Mala Creations
THE HINT: Welcome to the Jungle, we’ve got fun and games

27 Zenith Fashion
THE HINT: The greatest thing, you’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return.

28 JustB
THE HINT: so. tell me… do you feel watched?

29 oOo Studio
THE HINT: For those who are Singles, getting the objects in the blue box can be the ultimate gift.

30 Atomic
THE HINT: I ripped my jeans climbing trees

31 [ glow ] Studio
THE HINT: Accessorise yourself, with a feather in your cap, or a feather harness, or dotted feather earrings.

32 *Bliss Couture*
THE HINT: Time for a rest, why not spend a casual hour feeding the ducks

33 haut.monde

34 *G FIeld*
THE HINT: Chilling out beside the fountain with a little bear

35 +mocha+
THE HINT: 2nd floor

36 SHIKI Designs
THE HINT: Cool off by the waterfall

37 Ducknipple
THE HINT: See you crater

38 Donna Flora
THE HINT: the very Best of SL

39 { what next }
THE HINT: Look in the Window

THE HINT: The drama llama is not amused

41 Rozena
THE HINT: Under the flower

42 *Fishy Strawberry*
THE HINT: Subscribe to my way of thinking

43 O s a k k i. //
THE HINT: Flying on broken wings of sorrows

44 Nemesis
THE HINT: Save me ! The dove is trying to kidnap me !

45 / erratic /
THE HINT: Look for Hailey’s comet

46 Elikatira
THE HINT: The sky is the limit….unless there is a roof in your way.

47 Je suis
THE HINT: Look for an iconique image to help you on your hunt

THE HINT: I spy… green

49 paper.doll
THE HINT: Search this aria to find your gift

THE HINT: Coffee and cake.

51 d. Select
THE HINT: Walk arround, smell the scent of the blooming trees and youll find what your searching for!

52 Ploom
THE HINT: Started at the bottom, working my way to the top.

53 [-iPoke-] Piercings
THE HINT: Be to her, Persephone, All the things I might not be.

54 LISP Bazaar
THE HINT: STOP. Look. Listen.

THE HINT: Cross my heart

56 Baffle!
THE HINT: Upstairs. Seek shelter from the rain

57 Rebel Hope
THE HINT: In the lobby

58 PXL creations
THE HINT: Shut up and drive

59 VERO MODERO Fashion
THE HINT: Female Casual – I’m an Aviator, let me fly you to the Moon

60 :::LiNe:::
THE HINT: Light is filtered right into the store quietly

61 Intrigue Co.
THE HINT: Check out all of those lights!

62 House of Magoa
THE HINT: Jasper has expensive taste
THE HINT: Don’t get left on the shelf!

63 Candydoll
THE HINT: riplow light

64 MADesigns
THE HINT: The shape of the international market

65 *TuttiFrutti*
THE HINT: Watching the view, feeling the sunlight.

66 Milk Motion

67 *Funky*Junk*
THE HINT: Come on in, the waters fine!

68 *Boom* Clothing
THE HINT: Wing your way
THE HINT: Wing your way

69 Sn@tch
THE HINT: You may need a map to find your prize

THE HINT:New and improved

71 aDORKable Poses
THE HINT: My suitcase is all packed.

72 CheerNo
THE HINT: Many to choose from, only one is right.

THE HINT: Immer Gerade Aus

74 Cynful
THE HINT: Spring into action

75 INDI Designs
THE HINT: Step up

76 Plume
THE HINT: Which is the best place to see french cancan in Paris?

THE HINT: Perfectly framed

78 F I L T H Y ___S K I N
THE HINT: Where the clothing is

79 caLLie cLine
THE HINT: i LOVE what you can find in the ocean….

THE HINT: Apples, with none of the calories.

81 The Secret Store
THE HINT: Someones got a chip on their shoulder

82 House of Fox
THE HINT: I take my hat off to you

83 [sYs]
THE HINT: Look for white orchid buds

84 Nyte’N'Day
THE HINT: Don’t be blue…it’s something new!

85 LoQ Hairs
THE HINT: Branch out from your current mustache style

86 Izzie’s
THE HINT: Pearls are a girls best friend

87 Somnia
THE HINT: She thought it was a hat and she looked so cute I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, please give her a scratch behind the ears when you grab your gift it makes he happeh!

THE HINT: turn on the music and watch yourself dancing

89 Bent!
THE HINT: Let’s take a roll in the hay

THE HINT: Skin department

91 Diesel Works Animations
THE HINT: Wanna get snuggly with me?

92 Gawk!
THE HINT: What is your favourite sport?

93 A&A Fashion Shop
THE HINT: On the top floor [love me] with a Passion

94 Awesome Blossom
THE HINT: Row row row your boat

95 The Plastik
THE HINT: Keep your pants on!

THE HINT: Central. It’s the thought that counts.

97 MonS
THE HINT: Listen to the sound of rain

98 Glam Affair
THE HINT: OMG new skin!

99 SIGMA Jewels
THE HINT: Sani necklaces

100 Hello Dave
THE HINT: Hello Dave really does have it nailed today!

101 Priss
THE HINT: You can hang in there

THE HINT: don’t cut any corners

Viel Spass beim Suchen und Sparen.

Liebe Grüße, Eure Akemi Imako

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